7 Ways to Make Your Virtual Shave Fun

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
March 20, 2020
bald woman

As you are aware, restrictions on all kinds of community gatherings as a result of COVID-19 are taking place and head-shaving events are no exception. But St. Baldrick’s supporters are not the kind of people who call it quits! We refuse to cancel hope for kids with cancer – although we can’t go out, we will not stop fundraising, we won’t stop shaving and we won’t stop having fun!

St. Baldrick’s was founded on the premise of doing things differently, because let’s face it, shaving our heads in large groups isn’t exactly what most would consider “normal.” So, as we shift gears and head-shave differently this year – from the comfort of home – let’s try different ways to make it fun.

Virtual shave events are a unique opportunity to truly make the event your own. Here are some ideas to help make a virtual shave more fun and interactive:

The Challenge

Challenge three friends on social media by tagging them to participate and shave. Friends can then choose to participate as a virtual shavee themselves OR donate $20 for the 20th anniversary of head-shave if they’d prefer not to shave. That friend then needs to tag three of their friends to continue the cycle.

Watch Party

Host a live watch party over social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Your followers can watch you shave in real time and comment as the shave takes place. Family and friends near and far can cheer you on during your virtual shave.

Post the Video

Don’t want to shave live? Record your shave and upload your video to social platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.. Don’t forget to add the link to your participant page and encourage people to give.

Feeling Creative?

If you’re on Tik Tok, use the app to promote your shave! Tik Tok can be a great way to make short videos to share with your networks leading up to your virtual shave! Create a countdown to your shave with a video a day.

Shave as a Virtual Group

Plan to do your virtual shave with other friends/family/team members who are also shavees. Band together and pick a day/time to shave online together — even when apart! You could even use online video conferencing tools such as Zoom, WebEX, GotoMeeting, or GoogleHangouts to facilitate a multi-location virtual event.

Challenge Supporters to Give More

Ask for more donations during your online “live” shave — you can stagger your shave by shaving patterns in your head or shaving your beard . Have your audience commit to donating in the moment and if the goal is met, follow through by taking the shave to the next level.

Shave a strip off every day and tell your supporters you will leave it like that for a day if you raise another $100 (or more!) and continue the cycle of fun until you finally shave it all off. One creative shavee told his donors that he would shave half of his head now and then leave it until July 4th if he got to $10,000!

Share with the SBF Community

Take videos and photos of your virtual shave and be sure to tag St. Baldrick’s AND use #VirtualShave2020 + #DFYchildhoodCancers to share! St. Baldrick’s would love to share your virtual shaves with our community.

If you are not already registered as a St. Baldrick’s shave, what are you waiting for? Become a Virtual Shavee today!

Join us today and #DFYchildhoodCancers!


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