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6 Ways to Help Kids With Cancer in February

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 1, 2020

February is a month that celebrates love — love between people, love of the game, and love of celebration! This February, what could be better than sharing the love by fundraising to #DFYchildhoodCancers? Check out these six fundraising tips to get you started.

toddler holding up heartOne of St. Baldrick’s 2020 Ambassadors, Hudson.

1. Take a Time Out

Host a Super-Bowl football party complete with food, fun and the game of course! Ask guests for a suggested donation to attend, and as each “player” arrives, hand them a ticket with a number and color (whatever colors are associated with the teams playing). Throughout the game, whether it’s a commercial or during half time, ask trivia questions and/or place friendly bets. Keep track on a scoreboard and award funny prizes to the winners!

2. Celebrate Together

Boost morale, and afternoon lull, with having a tea party in office. Collect an “admission” to participate and encourage dressing up to a theme. It can be fancy with lace or fun with a Queen of Hearts. Employees can bring in baked goods and different types of beverages to share. Have a candy bar set up, with a special jar used for a guessing game. Closest one wins the prize!  

3. Be Kind

It’s Random Acts of Kindness day on Feb. 17th. Set up a “Kindness Gram” booth with our fundraising charms. Ask people to write a compliment or something nice they plan to do in their honor; it can be something personal or “random”. Keep it anonymous or sign your name. Then for a small donation, hand deliver the gram and make an announcement. Try adding a small token like a flower or piece of candy. This is perfect at schools or the workplace to make someone’s day.

4. Campus Catwalk

Hold a fashion show in a common area on campus. College clubs can connect with other students and enlist their talents of design, theater, or photography. Then sign up the student body to show off their creative side with designs of their own or ask athletes to dress in formal wear. Find honored kids in the area to walk alongside each model and make them feel fabulous.

5. Sweet Treats

Instead of the usual flowers and candy, why not send your Valentine some cupcakes or a box of cookies? Reach out to online shops like this one, Drops of Dough, which deliver pre-packaged, frozen cookies and give back a portion of sales. They’re organic too, so eat a little or a lot! There’s no sweeter way to support childhood cancer research.

6. Leap Year

Spring into the last day of February with creative fundraising ways to incorporate this extra day. It only comes every 4 years so make it a unique ask. Suggest donors give $29 dollars, try collecting $29 every day for the month or ask 29 people to contribute. This is also a great time for schools to get involved with a Jump-a-thon, each student jumping for 2 minutes to represent that every 2 minutes a family is affected by cancer.

This February #DFYchildhoodCancers YOUR way. Launch a Do What You Want fundraiser today.

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