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5 Ways to Recruit More Shavees

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 2, 2017

The big day is right around the corner and you’re wondering, how do I get more shavees℠ in the barber chair for my St. Baldrick’s event? Here are five nuggets of wisdom, straight from the people who do it best — your fellow VEOs.

Shavee green hair

1. Connect through social media

“Use social media! Make it original, using eye-catching posts and images … Engage people.” — VEO Justin, Louisiana

Don’t be afraid to share your enthusiasm for St. Baldrick’s on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — the opportunities to engage potential shavees are endless!

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2. Call on your local authorities

“Seek out your local fire department and police department … Get some buy-in for a ‘battle of the badges’ type thing. The often intense, good-natured rivalry could generate some great bragging rights for the house with the most shavees or largest amount raised, or both.” — VEO Tim, Illinois

Firefighters and police officers have been some of St. Baldrick’s biggest supporters since the beginning. They’re already embedded in your local community, so they’re a great place to go to get support for your community event.

3. Invite shavees to come back with friends

“I ask every person who has shaved to come back and to bring somebody else with them.” — VEO Garrett, Florida

Tell your shavees to bring their family, friends, coworkers and neighbors — even the people standing in line with them at the grocery store! The more, the merrier.

4. Go where the people are

“We set up registration nights at local restaurants, our venue and other places where there is traffic.” — VEO Missy, Florida

Set up a registration table at your local watering hole (with permission,of course!) and snag shavees while people wait for a table.

5. Ask at the event 

“The night of the event, we walked the crowd and found people just hanging out who were willing to shave their heads … One guy shaved and raised almost $700 in less than an hour.” — VEO Christi, Colorado

It’s never too late to get more shavees. The onlookers at your event might just need a nudge to step up to the barber chair!

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