2021 Infrastructure Grants

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
November 16, 2021

Enrollment on a clinical trial is often a child’s best hope for a cure. And every child enrolled on a trial is helping kids in the future to have a better outcome.

Dr and child patient with New Grants Announcement title

St. Baldrick’s Foundation Infrastructure grants are awarded primarily to smaller institutions with a high need for support. The grants support the research staff needed to help open and maintain clinical trials. In other words, without this support these institutions might not be able to offer lifesaving clinical trials, or would be able to offer trials to fewer patients. This support also means patients and families don’t have to travel so far for cutting edge treatment.

In many cases these institutions care for a large number of underrepresented minority patients. Providing this crucial support not only provides advanced treatment for all kids, but it also increases diversity of enrollments on clinical trials.

Diversity in clinical trial enrollments is important to show whether race, ethnicity, and gender affect how a patient responds to a clinical trial. These enrollments help researchers make strides towards more effective and less toxic cures for every kid now and in the future.

This $1.1 million in new funding is going to 24 institutions, including:

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