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2021 Ambassador Campbell: “Shining Through”

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 22, 2021

Our hearts are broken at the loss of Campbell, a 2021 St. Baldrick’s Ambassador. She died on February 22, 2021. Her mom, Gibby shared …

“Campbell Barrett Sullivan our absolute joy passed away this morning due to a brain hemorrhage brought on by CIC-DUX4 Sarcoma. We are absolutely broken-hearted, not sure how we will go on without her, but we will!

She brought so much passion and love to every day, whether it was sending cheer through a card, or in person, reaching out online, determined to advocate for other kids even when she felt the worst herself. There are days when she would open her eyes just to give an interview and be clear and passionate as ever just to fall asleep exhausted as soon as she was off the video call.

One thing she would want me to tell you is that cancer is NOT a win or lose battle and that is because no child chooses this fight. It’s not a competition and so you can’t lose to cancer. Campbell rose to this challenge and figured out a way to grow and spread joy and passion like ripples across the water.

Sitting in the hospital looking out the window I thought that’s what we will do, try to be a window for the light of Campbell to shine through. We love you all and she did too! Please be good to yourself and others.”

Campbell Skiing

Originally posted on January 15, 2021

Alpine athlete. Ski coach. Travel enthusiast. Childhood cancer advocate. Founder of SkiFast Foundation.

And cancer fighter.

This is Campbell. At 19 years old, she has a bold zeal for life that makes her stand out from the crowd.

Diagnosed in her junior year of high school with a rare and aggressive sarcoma called CIC-DUX4, Campbell put her dream of becoming a ski racer on hold. Instead, she spent the next two years undergoing a lung resection and surgery to remove the soleus muscle in her left calf while enduring a rigorous treatment protocol including a stem cell transplant. Campbell prevailed and graduated in May 2019, marking the end of treatment at the same time.

Campbell in hospital

But her recovery process lasted only a few months. Campbell relapsed last November and is currently back in treatment. She recently completed 16 rounds of radiation and a month of immunotherapy. Her goal is to be able to watch a surgery with her favorite surgical oncologist this spring as soon as the hospital lifts its COVID restrictions.

To no one’s surprise, this amazing young woman has not allowed cancer to define who she is or how she chooses to live life.

When cancer sidelined Campbell from the slopes, she took on a new role as coach and learned to support her ski racing team despite how much she missed the sport or how she felt physically.

Family skiing

She has traveled to Washington D.C. to advocate for federal funding of childhood cancer research. Thanks to her efforts – and advocacy across the childhood cancer community – the federal budget for childhood cancer research has nearly doubled in recent years

Campbell is determined to attend the University of Colorado in the fall of 2021 where she has been admitted into the Aerospace Engineering Department. Since COVID, she is enrolled in a community college and taking online courses while still considering whether to pursue aerospace or use her education in the medical field, in research or helping patients as a nurse or doctor.

Campbell graduating

That’s not all – Campbell has a passion for so many things! She loves traveling with her family or her ski team to places like Europe and New Zealand. Besides skiing, Campbell enjoys softball and loves to go fishing and rafting with friends. She is still hoping to take her Make-A-Wish trip to the Galapagos which has been delayed multiple times due to treatment and the pandemic.

When not being active, Campbell enjoys playing trivia crack, watching “Game of Thrones”, or listening to Ariana Grande and the Hamilton Soundtrack. Her favorite hobbies include watercolor, sewing, making stickers, writing letters, photography, make-up and working on her foundation.

Campbell fishing

When asked, Campbell says her greatest strength is “always finding a way” no matter what curveball life may throw or when faced with what seems to be insurmountable odds. With a wisdom beyond her age, she breaks it down this way: Never stop looking for options. Stay connected to your passions. Help others by sharing your experience.

For Campbell, cancer has not limited or defined who she is. In fact, it has motivated her to take on the future with no holding back and she’s well on her way.

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