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Teens & Young Adults

2021 Ambassador Alexa: Beautiful Soul

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 3, 2021

Beautiful soul. Positive thinker. People person. Seattle Seahawks fan. St. Baldrick’s supporter. Cancer survivor.

Alexa’s parents called her “Beautiful Soul” when she was born, but they had no idea how fitting the nickname would be. It was their daughter’s courage and vibrant spirit that gave them strength and inspired everyone around her as she battled cancer.

What was supposed to be a routine check-up for three-year old Alexa became the start of her cancer journey in June 2007. Diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, a rare form of childhood cancer, Alexa immediately had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from her left kidney. The next day she began rigorous radiation and chemotherapy treatments that would last nine months.

little girl in treatment

Treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, her treatment plan included a stem cell harvest, countless blood transfusions and eight radiation therapies. Through it all, Alexa was surrounded by the people who loved her. The hospital dubbed their family “The Entourage” whenever she was there for treatment—her parents, grandparents and her beloved Aunt Sherrie were always at her side.

Yet if you ask her mom, Debbie, it was Alexa’s resilient and positive spirit that buoyed her family as they walked this difficult journey, “My husband and I wondered how we could face each day. Alexa quickly showed us how as she led us in this fight for her life.”

Today, Alexa has no evidence of disease. She is a high school junior and student government representative. Like most teens, she loves going to the beach, hanging out with her friends, and watching “Vampire Diaries,” but her special interests include acting, singing and dancing.

family photo

Family is an important part of Alexa’s life. The Moores love spending time at home playing poker and blackjack and going for long drives. Family celebrations center around the holidays and milestones like Alexa’s diagnosis day and remembering her Poppy and Aunt Sherrie. Her younger sister, Vanessa, looks up to Alexa (which makes her very happy) and the two girls love being together playing Fortnite and having sleepovers.

sisters smiling

There’s one more special event that they have been participating in for 13 years. It all started when Alexa was honored at a St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event at the school where her mom taught. She shared her story from the stage and shaved her dad’s head. They were hooked! Tom is a 6 time shavee and Debbie has been a volunteer ever since. Alexa even organized her first head shaving event at her middle school two years ago and raised over $12,000!

kids shaving dads head

Even among her peers, Alexa is an inspiration. When asked about her greatest strength, she says in her own words, “The ability to stay positive in negative situations and I am always there for people.”

Alexa conquered the hardest challenge of her life with optimism and hope and now she is excited to be able to be there for other kids fighting cancer. She is truly a beautiful soul.

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