Announcing St. Baldrick’s 2015 Summer Grants

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
July 16, 2015

We have some big news that will have you jumping through the sprinkler with joy.

St. Baldrick's Foundation childhood cancer research grants

Summer has arrived and so have St. Baldrick’s Summer Grants!

Today we are awarding a whopping $21.2 million in new research grants to scientists across the globe. That’s 70 grants in 48 states and 11 countries, going to researchers making incredible gains in the fight against childhood cancer.

Watch St. Baldrick’s volunteers, staff and Honored Families surprise our researchers with the good news >

So, pat yourself on the back 21 million times, because we couldn’t have done it without you.

You are helping scientists develop targeted therapies for kids who have few treatment options.

You are helping researchers give childhood cancer survivors the best chance to flourish in life after treatment ends.

You are giving hope to kids with cancer.

fundraising for kids' cancer research

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You gave your hair, you contributed your time, and you fundraised. This $21.2 million boost to childhood cancer research was possible because of you. We can’t thank you enough.

To see the research St. Baldrick’s is funding near you, visit our grants search.

You can help kids with cancer have the carefree summers that all kids deserve. Get involved today or learn more about your impact.

Read more about our grants on the St. Baldrick’s blog: