St. Baldrick’s 2013 Event Registration is Open [VIDEO]

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
August 28, 2012
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(Photo by Joel Corcoran Photography)

It’s time for you to be a part of the world’s largest volunteer-driven charity for childhood cancer research funding.

Get registered to shave your head or plan an event to raise money for childhood cancer research. The money you raise could fund the next research project that finds the cure for childhood cancer.

Click a button below to get started:

With events in all 50 U.S. states and several countries, there is sure to be a St. Baldrick’s event near you! Can’t find one? You can still shave! Register for the Virtual Event and start raising money today. Learn more about being a shavee.


Without dedicated volunteers, St. Baldrick’s events wouldn’t exist. Every event is organized by a volunteer event organizer (VEO) along with a committed volunteer committee. Want to bring St. Baldrick’s to your community? You can! Get Started.


Every St. Baldrick’s event needs a strong volunteer committee to recruit shavees, promote the event and make sure the day is a success. Get registered and your local volunteer event organizer will get in touch with you.


With more than 50,000 shavees sitting down for a shave each year, barbers are in high demand. If you’re a licensed barber or cosmologist, and you want to lend your time and talent to the cause, this role is for you. Sign up today and your local organizer will get you on the schedule.


Don’t want to shave your head? You can Do What You Want! From birthday parties to photo booths to ultramarathons, you can do just about anything to raise money for pediatric cancer research.


We double-dog-dare-you to recruit one friend to shave or volunteer – share this headline and get your friends and family involved.

St. Baldrick’s History
St. Baldrick’s head-shaving events began as a challenge between businessmen and have grown from one event in 2000 to over 1,290 events in 2012, raising critical funds for childhood cancer research. Events take place in pubs, restaurants, schools, sports events, churches, parks, malls, military bases, firehouses and any other place you can imagine.
Why shave heads?
The shaving is just a means to an end. We don’t make wigs, collect hair to soak up oil spills, or long to be just like Britney Spears. On the surface, we shave because kids with cancer often lose their hair during treatment, and we stand proudly bald beside them. But the true goal – to cure childhood cancer – will be accomplished because, while shaving, we raise critical funds for childhood cancer research.