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13 Ways You Can Help Kids With Cancer in October

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
October 23, 2020

Fall is here! Harvest season is upon us and Halloween is creeping around the corner – it’s the perfect time to help kids with cancer! Check out these 13 creative ways to fund childhood cancer research while the leaves are falling.

October Fundraiser

1) All Things Pumpkin: 

The pumpkin has so many uses: décor, dessert, and drinks. October 26 is National Pumpkin Day, so why not celebrate the gourd by issuing a challenge for the best dressed pumpkin. The contest can have two categories of carved or painted. Request a donation for friends to participate as well as to vote. Display the winning works of art on our Halloween fundraiser here, it’s never too late to join the party!

2) Tackle Kids’ Cancer: 

If you haven’t already picked a fantasy football league, now’s the time to recruit for a game of football squares. Ask co-workers or friends to join and split the proceeds, half for the winner and half donated in their name. It’s a win-win to help kids with cancer! Go Team Go!

3) “M” is for Mystery: 

Consider streaming for charity and playing the popular video game, Among Us, on the ‘hide and seek’ setting. Even virtual board games like Clue and murder mystery options can be played and recorded. Check out the Tiltify platform to learn more!

4) Harvest Time: 

October marks the end of prime picking time for wine in the Northern Hemisphere. Why not host a tasting party or wine pull? Have friends bring their favorite bottle or ask a local winery to donate a bottle or two in exchange for a sponsorship mention social media. Disguise the bottles, donate to participate and enjoy the night away – while social distancing appropriately of course.

5) Monster Movie Marathon: 

Services such as Netflix and YouTube with Friends now allow you to host watch parties. Offer a selection of movies, preferably scary ones, or one with sequels and cast your vote by donating. Challenge your group to stay up and watch all the movies or pay the penalty with another donation.

6) Poetry “Fright” Night: 

Invite amateur authors to write selections or share their favorite poem. Perform on Zoom, Google Hangouts, or your choice of video call. Ask for suggested donations to join the call or vote on best performance, by secret ballot.

7) Treats, No Tricks: 

“Booing” is a tradition where treats are secretly given to neighbors. Once, you’ve been booed, you have 48 hours to continue the chain. Post on your online community board or note and ask participants to consider donating as the treat instead. A small piece of candy could still sweeten the deal.

8) Witchy Ways: 

If you’re known for cooking, then plan to boil up your favorite potion, aka soup. Add some witches brew of your choice and offer to deliver for a donation. Or gather around the cauldron, find an uncommon (but tasty) recipe and see whose turns out best. Bonus points for dressing the part!

9) Trick of the Pie:

Prepare for this treat (or is it a trick?) by making or buying a selection of pies. Add a special ingredient to one (think hot sauce or toothpaste) and have participants “bid” by donating on the pie they want to try. Highest bidder gets first choice until all slices are given out. An extra suggested donation can buy you a “swap out” to trade your selection. Keep the pie titles fun like boo-berry or scary cherry. Someone in the end will get their just desserts – in a fun, charitable way.

10) Día de los Muertos:

Encourage friends to take part in a joyful tradition remembering deceased loved ones. Ask them to create an altar or “ofrenda” that displays photos, flowers, favorite pastries or sugar skull cookies. On the altar, share some info about a child who has or had cancer, or childhood cancer facts to show why you’re involved with St. Baldrick’s.

11) Workplace Giving:

Consider giving through automatic payroll deductions, fundraising with team building activities, or finding out if your company offers matching gifts. Check with your HR department and encourage your co-workers and friends to do the same.

12) Fall(ing) for Photography: 

If you’re lucky enough to have fall foliage or a passion for photos, combine them and create a photobooth to offer a portion of proceeds back for your work. Nature is your backdrop, but if you also happen to have props like haybales or scarecrows, those work too.

13) Dare to Wander: 

After the candy rush and sweets wear off, November 17th is National Hike day. Mark your calendars and start planning now. Commit to trying a new trail or going a certain distance, collect pledges per mile or steps taken, and get ready… for more pies at the end of the month. Did someone say Thanksgiving?

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