10 Reasons Why My Parents Are My Heroes

by Cheyenne D.
July 24, 2016

We asked Ambassador Cheyenne who her heroes are. Her answer? “My mom and dad.” So today, for National Parents’ Day, we asked her to tell us why — and she gave us 10 great reasons. (Number 10 is our favorite!)

Cheyenne and her parents

Cheyenne with her mom and dad, Amy and Levi.

1. They unconditionally love me.

2. Every night they kiss me goodnight.

3. When I’m not feeling well they do everything to make me feel better.

4. They keep me always happy.

5. They do really fun things with me.

6. They spoil me always.

7. Sometimes I get to have very special mother-daughter and father-daughter days.

8. They take my brother and me to the mountains at our property and we four-wheel, hike, and snowmobile.

9. They keep me safe from harm.

10. They are the moon in my night sky.

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