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Summer Fundraiser Ideas: 8 Ways To Make A Difference For Kids With Cancer

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
June 21, 2017

School is out, pools are open, and grills are fired up. Whether you want to make the most of the warm weather or you’re just looking for a way to keep the kids busy, make this summer count by raising money to fund research that helps kids with cancer. Here are eight ideas to get you started.

Summer fundraiser ideas

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Dedicate Your Birthday for Kids With Cancer

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
June 7, 2017

Why have another ho-hum birthday?

Give up your birthday and change the world for kids with cancer
This year, make your birthday memorable and help more kids with cancer celebrate their birthdays.

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Blackhawk Network Pays It Forward by Fundraising for Children’s Cancer Research

by Erinn Jessop, St. Baldrick's Foundation
May 19, 2017

What employees would donate their vacation hours to find cures for kids’ cancers? What about shave their heads? Or throw a big party to rake in funding for research? Blackhawk Network employees, that’s who! Read on for more about the company, its commitment to St. Baldrick’s and how they give back in creative ways.

Blackhawk employees

Blackhawk employees shave their heads at the Benioff Children’s Hospital event. Photos by Terry Vanderheiden

Blackhawk Network is well known for being the company behind the gift cards we see at the grocery store and the ones we get on our birthdays. But Blackhawk is about more than just helping people both gift and pay easily — the company is also about paying it forward, especially when it comes to kids’ cancer research.

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St. Baldrick’s Celebrates Our Heroes: Happy National Volunteer Week 2017

by Erinn Jessop, St. Baldrick's Foundation
April 24, 2017

It’s National Volunteer Week and at St. Baldrick’s we have a lot of reasons to celebrate — like nearly 45,000 reasons! (Yep, that’s how many people volunteered for St. Baldrick’s this year and we love them ALL!) From team captains to barbers to shavees to VEOs and beyond— St. Baldrick’s is volunteer-powered and proud. Why do our incredible volunteers do what they do? Find out from three of our heroes!

Volunteer Week 2017

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5 Ways You Can Fundraise For Kids With Cancer This Spring

by Kristine Malicse, St. Baldrick's Foundation
March 20, 2017

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, and the snow is melting. Whether you’re enjoying a week of freedom or looking to spend quality time with your friends and family, spring into the new season by helping fund childhood cancer research. Here are 5 ways to get you started.

1. DIY Music Festival. Spring is the unofficial start of festival season — so why not create your very own music festival with close friends and dance the day away?

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Should I Shave My Head? [QUIZ]

by Erinn Jessop, St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 16, 2017

To shave your head or not to shave, that is your question. Well, we’re here to help! Dive into our handy dandy flowchart to get the answers you seek — and help kids with cancer at the same time.

Should I Shave My Head

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Connect Your Fundraiser to a Head-Shaving Event

by Lauren Feller, St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 6, 2017

Did you know you can support a head-shaving event or team without actually shaving your head? It’s easy with these quick steps.

do what you want fundraiser

We know head-shaving isn’t for everyone — but supporting kids with cancer is!

You can raise money for research however you want with a Do What You Want fundraiser, and then join forces with a St. Baldrick’s team or event to meet your fundraising goals even faster.

BLOG: 10 Ways You Can Help Kids With Cancer in February >

The best part? All of that money goes towards the same lifesaving childhood cancer research. So why not support a great event at the same time?

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What Do YOU Want To Do? 16 Ideas to Get You Started

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
January 27, 2017

What can you do to raise money for childhood cancer research? The answer is, just about anything you can think of! Here are 16 awesome fundraising ideas to get the ball rolling.

Doing It Already?

Planning to run a 5K? Having a party? Why not make it count by turning it into a fundraiser for kids fighting cancer? Here are a few ideas that might already be on your calendar:

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How to Donate Your Birthday for Kids With Cancer: 10 Tried-and-True Tips

by Amber Janke, St. Baldrick's Foundation
May 21, 2016

Amber donated her birthday to raise money for childhood cancer research. You can, too! Read her 10 super helpful tips below.


Amber donated her birthday to help raise funds for childhood cancer.

What does it mean to donate your birthday? Glad you asked!

You can donate your birthday by taking the day that would usually be centered on you and turn it into a meaningful celebration to support kids with cancer. Giving up your birthday shows your friends and family that you are passionate about fighting this serious disease!

I was looking for a special way to recognize the many Honored Kids I’ve come to know in my time here at St. Baldrick’s. Each has made a huge impact on my life. So I decided to donate my birthday to the Haven’s Gastropub event in Pasadena, California, to help raise important funds for childhood cancer research.

While I started with a fundraising goal of $1,000, it was passed in little more than a day and I ended up raising $5,500! It was amazing to see all of the people in my life come together to support this cause that I care so much about. It truly was the best birthday ever.

So are you ready to donate your birthday but you don’t know where to start? Here are my top secret super-duper birthday tips!

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A ‘Bald’ Mitzvah to Remember

by Jeena Gould, St. Baldrick's Foundation
April 11, 2016

Nathan Z. has shaved his head at St. Baldrick’s events every year since he was in second grade. But this year, he did something different. Read how Nathan is making a difference for kids with cancer without going bald.

Nathan with his second grade teacher, Mrs. Kinsley

Nathan smiles with his second grade teacher, Mrs. Kinsley, and her daughter, Fallon.

When you’ve been shaving your head for kids with cancer for the past seven years, it can feel a bit weird to take a year off.

Thirteen-year-old Nathan Z. knows the feeling.

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