Honored Kid Shauna M. Age 18

Shauna M.'s Photo
Wake Forest, NC, US
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
Date of Diagnosis
November 1996
Cancer free
Treated At
The Children's Mercy Hospital


Shauna's experience with cancer began at the tender age of eight months when she was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL). At the time we lived near Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri where doctors and researchers are constantly exploring new methods of treatment. Because of her age, her protocol was experimental. For the next three years we were in and out of the hospital with drugs being administered to Shauna that were potentially harmful to her. It scared us, but what option did we have but to try the medications, not only to save her life, but to also give the doctors new information that could save lives of other children in the future.

We got through all the procedures, infections and sleepless nights with help from family, friends, and volunteers and because Shauna has a spirit of love and laughter in her like all children. She kept us going and still does. Today she is a typical soon-to-be 14 year old with good days and bad just like she's supposed to have.

We prayed prayers of thanks when she was born, and prayed during her illness that she'd be with us a long time. Prayer was a constant for us during this time, and we know prayer, along with research, doctors, nurses, friends and family is what healed her and why she is who she is today; a vibrant, soccer loving, cancer free, miracle of God.

We are so thankful for organizations such as St. Baldrick's and the people who give of themselves bringing hope and new treatments to children everywhere.

Joel, Marcia, Shauna and Madeline Moran
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